Someone in Tallahassee is attempting to insert language into the existing FS 493, which would exempt large out-of-state entities from undergoing the same scrutiny and accountability that we undergo as we operate in this business. This would side-step the state's desires to oversee and regulate those who advertise that they provide repossession services in Florida, and this poses a threat to the consumers of the state of Florida. These amendments are found on Bill Np. CS of SB1444, in a legislative action: Click Here

This is the proposed change to the Florida legislation:

(20) “Recovery agency” means any person who, for consideration, advertises as providing or is engaged in the business of performing repossessions. The term does not include a person who does not directly perform repossessions, and who, pursuant to a contract with a bank, bank holding company, credit union, or small loan company operating pursuant to chapters 516 and 520, contracts with a licensed recovery agency or a licensed recovery agent for the performance of repossessions by such agency or agent, if such person includes a disclaimer in all advertisements appearing in this state which states that the person does not directly perform any repossessions, but contracts with licensed recovery agents or agencies.

This is harmful to our industry and needs to be fought! We are asking that anyone who can go to please do so. Come to Tallahassee at 8am tomorrow morning, April 2, 2015 and fight with us for YOUR industry!!


Hello and thank you for visiting our website and your interest in FLACARS. I am honored to be the new FLACARS President. My predecessor Jamie Blackburn made so many great strides for our industry and I will continue to move forward doing the same.

We are currently making renovations to our website and have noticed that some of our members’ information is incorrect. If you see that any information on your profile is wrong or your certificate is not listed please contact us so we may correct it.

I want to say thank you to everyone who came and supported us at last year’s Repo Expo! Everything went great and we had a huge turnout. It was great to see all of our current members as well as all the new members! I need to give special thanks to all of the people on the Florida tow show staff, Time Finance Adjusters, Dynamic Manufacturing, Miller Industries, and the Holiday Inn staff. We couldn't have had such a great show without them.

I also wanted to thank all of our wonderful vendors for coming out and we look forward to seeing you again this year. Vendors can click here to sign-up for Repo Expo 2015!

Thank you everyone for your support of FLACARS.


Tracy Strong
President FLACARS


Industry Establishes 6 Conditions for Voluntary Repossessions

IRVING, Texas - The Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP) used last week’s North American Repossessors Summit to establish the six conditions that constitute a voluntary repossession in an effort to streamline guidelines for the industry.

CORP, which is made up of two representatives from nine trade groups, indicated these six voluntary repossession elements include:

  1. The repossession agency is provided with accurate debtor contact information.
  2. Contact with the debtor is made using the contact information provided.
  3. An appointment is made with the debtor establishing the date, time and location that the collateral is to be repossessed.
  4. The appointment is kept.
  5. The keys are surrendered at or before the time of repossession.
  6. All personal effects have been removed from the collateral.
The nine trade groups that agreed to these voluntary repossession conditions included:

— Allied Finance Adjusters (AFA)
— American Lenders Service Company (ALSCO)
— American Recovery Association (ARA)
— California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR)
— Florida Alliance of Certified Asset Recovery Specialists (FLACARS)
— Illinois Recovery Association (IRA)
— Recovery Specialists Insurance Group (RSIG)
— Rocky Mountain Repossessors Association (RMRA)
— Time Finance Adjusters (TFA)


March 10, 2014
The Council of Repossession Professionals

Repossessors across America have communicated that they desire industry leaders to stand together and speak as one voice on issues that have a negative impact on our industry. The solution is at hand in the form of the recently founded The Council of Repossession Professionals (hereinafter referred to as The CORP.) The CORP is made up of two (2) representatives from each of the following trade groups (read more...)


Alert to all members!

Thanks to FLACARS and the Council of Presidents as of July 1st, 2013 we will have the toughest unlicensed activity laws in the nation! Below is a link to the new bill which will go in effect July 1st, 2013. Read it, talk about it, and send your input. This is the legislation FLACARS and its paid members came up with in 2009, and is now coming to law. We want to say thank you to all who helped and stuck by us through the years to make this reality.


I personally want to say thank you to several people who inspired and guided me along the way through the last four years. Thank you to Marion Hammer, the single largest defender of the Constitution I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Thank you to K.C. Poulin for the guidance and brotherhood always shown by you. Thank you to Tim Orouke and Lori Weems for all your support.

Jamie Blackburn
Executive Director FLACARS


FLACARS and all its members just want to say THANK YOU to Anthony and his staff at Dynamic for all that they do for us as an association. Without them we would not be here today!

Thank you Dynamic!!!!


The first state association of collateral recovery specialists was organized in 1985. The association was created to advocate for the rights of licensed collateral recovery specialists. Instrumental in the development and passage of Florida law which regulates repossession activity in Florida, the association is still alive and well and remains a strong advocate for all Florida licensees.

Since the re-organization in 2003, FLACARS continues to generate funds for lobbying efforts, college scholarships and charities.

FLACARS officers/members work diligently for the elimination of unlicensed, unprofessional and/or uninsured asset and collateral recovery practices.

Florida repossession law serves as a model for many states considering similar legislation. What happens in Florida is important to the collateral recovery industry nationwide.

We welcome and encourage all professional collateral recovery specialists to become members of FLACARS.

We would also like to welcome all financial institutions. You can be assured that if you are using one of our members, you have hired the most qualified and well trained professional in the industry!

Why Join FLACARS? Click to see all the benefits. Call 561-697-8300.


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